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Quick links is reaching out to equip Christians for ministry all over the world. We endeavor to keep up with the times by making it as easy as possible for our online students to obtain their certificates and the relevant degrees that they desire. We want this process to be a wonderful and pleasant experience, whilst helping all our students to achieve their goals.

To do this effectively, we have revamped and streamlined all our courses and also our Learning Management System. Students are now able to enjoy an online process that is completely automated and easy to use. Our students need to benefit from a user-friendly Learning Management System aimed at making it easy for them without compromising the high standards that we have established and maintained through the years.

As part of the project, students are now able to benefit from special discounts and promotions.

All courses are available at a 25% discount for an unlimited time!

The prices on the website already reflect the discount.


Do not forget, Revealed Word Bible College still offers live studies as well as distance learning that you can utilize whilst we are automating and revamping our online facilities.

Check out the information and the contact details below:

At our Distance Learning facility, all students are required to complete a student information sheet and submit proof of identity (ID or Passport).  This is a legal requirement for certification. You can fill this in online, or you can request a form from [email protected] Thereafter you will be invoiced and after receipt of payment, the relevant course material will be emailed to you.

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Our study material is designed to train our students in Practical Ministry.  We endeavor to bring you Bible Education of the highest standard in the most convenient way.

Wherever possible, during training, students should be involved with various types of Ministry, which helps prepare them for their future Ministries.

Qualified students are ready to establish Ministries and take up other Ministry positions.

Our graduates go and take the Harvest and make disciples and thus fulfill the Great Commission.

We partner with churches and community leaders by training them to facilitate our certified courses, so that they can plant and operate Revealed Word Bible College campuses. Our course content is exciting and relevant.

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