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Being Ordained

Other than many other church organizations,  Apostolic Alignment Ministries (AAM), is interested in supporting and helping its members. We rather endeavor to invest in our members by supplying resources and assistance, than putting a financial burden on them. It is for this reason that membership is free. AAM has a policy of allowing its members to be … Read more


RWBC Student Bursaries

Undergraduates who cannot fulfill the required financial obligations to successfully enroll in Revealed Word Bible College courses, complete the “Undergraduate Bursary Application Form“ at the bottom of this page, or, download the form, complete it and upload it again. Now complete the form and upload it again below Required Documentation: Please make sure that you … Read more

Courses Fees

Courses and study fees

RWBC.ONLINE offers you a choice of two payment plans: 1. Once-off Payment in advance for the entire course. 2. Monthly Subscriptions. Discounts are offered for advance payments made when applying option 1 Course Fees (Prices below are reduced by 25% – Special Discount during the Launch) First year including Certificate in Ministry is U.S. $94,50 … Read more


RWBC Student prospectus

Quick links Students grow in character and in faith. It is not just about knowing the Word; it is also about understanding it and living it. We present our courses in an informative way interesting and easy to understand yet is still the meat of the Word. Our study material is designed to train our … Read more

Online School

RWBC Online campus

Quick links rwbconline.com is reaching out to equip Christians for ministry all over the world. We endeavor to keep up with the times by making it as easy as possible for our online students to obtain their certificates and the relevant degrees that they desire. We want this process to be a wonderful and pleasant … Read more

Want to be a Minister?

Being a pastor or teacher not easy

Quick links Being a pastor, teacher, evangelist, prophet, or apostle is not the easiest of professions. I’m going to share some of the downsides of being a minister, and this probably applies to all kinds of leadership positions. Being a minister is an amazing experience. Ministering the gospel is awesome. There is no job like … Read more

Family In Ministry

Family matters in ministry

Quick links Families feel incredible pressure because there is a lot of pressure in the ministry. It takes a lot of your time. Most pastors work between 55 and 75 hours a week. It is time taken away from the family. They also make sacrifices so that you can be in ministry. 1 Timothy 3:15 … Read more

RWBC Online campus
Online College
RWBC Student prospectus
Courses and study fees
Study Fees

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