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Other than many other church organizations,  Apostolic Alignment Ministries (AAM), is interested in supporting and helping its members. We rather endeavor to invest in our members by supplying resources and assistance, than putting a financial burden on them. It is for this reason that membership is free.

AAM has a policy of allowing its members to be led by the Holy Spirit and not by board members and constitutions.

We have very few requirements or rules and regulations in our constitution mainly because, as Christ instructed, we do not want to rule over each other. Of course, there is the Biblical system of accountability that needs to be followed and adhered to.


Formal Education and Equipment: One of the main resources that AAM supplies is Revealed Word Bible College.

We have a few Physical Campussed, the international Online Bible College, and a Distant Learning Facility.

Revealed Word Bible College has been approved and upgraded to a Certified school with Christ for the Nations Institute Association of Bible Schools (CFNI ABS). This means we are authorized by CFNI ABS to grant degrees.

For more information on our facilities and courses check out our Prospectus and Courses.

Practical Assistance: AAM equips the leaders of tomorrow. We give the required theoretical or Biblical foundation but we also endeavor to assist our students to plant churches. To us, practical training and assistance as of the utmost importance.

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It is for this reason that we encourage our students to join the organization when they enroll in our courses.

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