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Entry Requirements

Bachelor’s degree in related studies I.E. theology, ministry, or other Christian biblical studies. If the candidate has a degree in an unrelated field extra studies will be required.

Upon completion of the Master of Arts in Biblical Studies, the graduate should be able to:

  1. Interpret and analyze the history, content, and background of the Bible
  2. Evaluate Christian doctrine and theology and articulate their ethical and theological system(s)
  3. Design and defend scholarly research papers
  4. Apply Biblical hermeneutics to an advanced exegetical research project; and
  5. Demonstrate the importance of the Biblical worldview in Biblical Studies.

This program is designed to provide the student with an in-depth study of the Scriptures on a graduate level.  Hermeneutical principles and theological studies will be taught and then applied to the study of the Scriptures. This program consists of thirty-six credit hours of classroom, specific, and/or independent studies.  Students are expected to be involved in a ministry of a local church on a regular basis.

Pre-requisite: One year of Biblical language will be added to the program.

Breakdown of Core Curriculum

1. New Testament Survey – 3 Credits
2. Old Testament Survey – 3 Credits
3. Systematic Theology I – 3 Credits
4. Systematic Theology ll – 3 Credits
5. New Testament Theology – 3 Credits
6. Biblical Hermeneutics – 3 Credits
7. Christian Apologetics – 3 Credits
8. Church History I – 3Credits
9. Writing Research Papers Across the Curriculum – 3 Credits
10. Seminar – 3 Credits

This course is currently only available at our live campuses and our distance learning program through emails.

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