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Students who successfully complete either the bachelor’s in ministry or bachelor’s in theology may elect to study towards an Honors degree. Both bachelor’s degrees include The Certificate in Ministry, Philosophy, Leadership Principles, and Homiletics, which means students can study the subjects included in the degree they did not study for and would take an extra eighteen months to 2 years of study to earn an honors degree in ministry.


If you have been awarded the Bachelor’s in ministry

Old Testament Survey (3 modules)

A study of all 39 books of the Old Testament

211 The Law
212 Culture
213 Prophets

New Testament Survey (3 Modules)

A study of all 27 New Testament books

214 History
215 Epistles
216 Prophesy

If you have been awarded Bachelor’s in theology.

Counselling 1 (6 Courses)

201 Wholeness
202 Boundaries
203-Pastoral Counselling section 1
204 Pastoral Counselling section 2
205 Pastoral Counselling section 3
206 Pastoral Counselling section 4

This course is currently only available at our live campuses and our distance learning program through emails.

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